WPC Group is pleased to announce on Thursday 7th April WPC took part in signing an Australian Employment Covenant (AEC) which is an industry driven initiative aimed at securing 50,000 sustainable jobs for Indigenous Australians.

The team at WPC will be working in close partnership with AEC staff to ensure as a team we place as many indigenous youth into suitable and structured employment arrangements as possible. This initiative will form part of the exiting WPC Shake a Leg program which is an innovative indigenous apprentice and trainee program targeting young Indigenous Australians.

WPC Group held a morning tea in celebration of signing the covenant and in attendance on behalf of WPC Group were the Executive Team, Board Representatives and staff from the Shake a Leg department,  as well as Rhonda, Justine and Carmal Victorian representatives of the AEC. Both parties are extremely excited about the new partnership as both companies are working towards the same goals. Chairman of WPC Fred Maddern says “It is imperative that Indigenous Youth are placed into sustainable and supportive workplace’s, where they will be given the opportunity to grow and become active members of a team, which is what Shake a Leg prides itself on everyday”

Backed by a three-way commitment between Australian employers, the Australian Government and Indigenous people, this landmark initiative seeks to break the vicious cycle of unemployment and poverty amongst Indigenous Australians by adopting a “learn or earn policy” for all those who have the capacity to work. This policy will see 50,000 Indigenous Australians receive training tailored to meet employers’ specifications, creating clear and encouraging outcomes for Indigenous training programs. In addition, workplace mentors will provide much needed support to each Indigenous Australian as they continually develop in their new role. The AEC represents a major commitment to the future of Indigenous Australians by providing those prepared to work with a clear pathway to employment and the ability to reach their full potential.



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