Shake a Leg indigenous apprentice Sian Morley

What were you doing before ShakeaLeg?

After completing year twelve at Footscray City College I didnt know what I wanted to do, I took some time off from working and travelled in America for three and a half months.  When I returned I continued working part time at Sunshine Leisure Centre but I didnt feel this was the career path I wanted to take. I continued in this job, setting myself short term goals to travel and with this I went to Thailand on one occasion and Bali on another. My mum had been encouraging me to look for full time work and so when I met with Dean Rioli and he suggested WPC group I jumped at the chance. I secured a position at the Department of Justice and have been working here since June last year.    

What does your role involve?

My role at the Department of Justice invloves managing faxes and mail, ordering stationary, organising catering, doing banking from sheriff transactions and fine default payments and other office duties.  I also get to see first hand how the specific business units work, including Community Correctional Officers, Sheriffs and Consumer Affairs

What do you like about working with your host employer?

My favourite thing about my host employer is that its interesting. I like working here because everyone is genuinely friendly and it makes coming to work enjoyable. I also like that the location. It’s close to home and although I drive, public transport is very efficient so I know if I ever needed to, I could continue working without relying on my car.

Has working with your host employer changed you?

Yes, I feel more responsible now that I have started full time work. Starting full time work has also made me more organised with my time knowing that i work Mon – Fri.  It has made me more mature with my approach to work aswell now that I have worked in a strong structures workplace.

What would you say to another Indigenous person thinking about working with WPC group?

I would definitely say go for it, you dont have anything to lose. There is constant support from all the people that work at WPC group and its a great way to start off your career.  It has been great knowing that if I ever needed someone to speak to outside of my workplace then it was easily available with all their help and support. You dont get left on your own once you have gained employment and its definitely a great peace of mind knowing that.

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