kloe-renton-kardarasWhat were you doing before joining WPC Group?

I attended Melbourne Girls College, in which I didn’t complete year 12, as I felt it just wasn’t for me. Instead of year 12 I decided to do a massage therapy course, which I couldn’t see myself turning into a career. I set my self a goal to find part time or full time work, to find my interests and what I might enjoy the most. Through out searching, my job network company asked me if I would be interested in a business traineeship obtaining a Business Certificate 3, working with a Government Department. I was very intrigued and knew it would bring so much opportunity and be very creditable experience


What does your role involve?

At The Education Department I have undertaken many different roles in the office such as working within the recruitment area, payroll, advertising jobs, assisting an executive assistant, answering phone calls from regional directors and people from the union, filing and creating files, organising functions, ordering supplies for the business, designing event cards and much more! I also attend a University completing 11 units in a 12 month duration, which is part of my certificate.


What do you like about working with your host employer?

I enjoy how I get to rotate in different areas around the department, how I learn more about different sectors of the department,  how they operate and Contribute to the department.  I like the flexibility of working in a government department and working with such great friendly people.

Has working with your host employer changed you?

I believe I have become more responsible, I have developed a more professional approach to working and I have realised the amount of opportunity I have to work within a government department.

What would you say to another Indigenous person thinking about working with WPC Group?

I would say go for it because it’s an exceptional way to launch your career & all the different experience you can gain is beneficial to take with you throughout you entire life. A government department is a great place to work as well because I have found they are very supportive and always willing to strengthen an individual to their best advantage.